Getting your car moved from A to B

Cars are simple machines. They help carry you from one place to another. Sometimes however, they need carrying. . Or the place the car is going is too far away for you to drive it. Either way, you need a transporter. What many people don’t realise are some of the important details you have to think about. These tips will help give our transporters an easier time, protect your vehicle, and stop you from getting caught out. Or at the very least, help prevent this.

1. Measuring your car

Different transporters have different ways of transporting cars. Some have open trailers to fully enclosed containers. Before you make this choice it’s good to know if your car will fit on their rig. Things the transporters will want to know include:

Car loading on van trailer

  • The dimensions of the vehicle (width and wheelbase mainly, so they know if it will fit on the trailer) Parkers provide information about towing guidlines.
  • The weight. Find the manufactured weight of the vehicle. Small hybrids and electric cars weigh a lot more than they seem due to heavy batteries. This is so the transporter knows if they can load and tow the car safely
  • The condition. When getting a quote, a car in good condition that can drive itself is more appealing than a broken one that needs pushing around everywhere.

These details should be sent to the transporter before they come to pick up the car so they can be prepared for the job.

2. Preparing your car

So you’ve got your transporter and they’ve arrived. But your car isn’t ready to go. That can be annoying and time wasting. Avoid this and make sure to prepare early to make the loading quick and smooth. Certain things you can do to prepare your vehicle are:Hand washing a car

  • Wash your car. While it may not seem important cleaning your car can be helpful. It allows you to see any dings and scrapes from before the trip. Afterwards you can check if any new ones have joined on. Plus it always looks good to have a clean car.
  • Empty your car. Cars can get messy on the inside, plus you put valuable things in there. Emptying the inside stops such things from bouncing around in there. Either breaking themselves or the inside of your car. Plus, again, it looks much better.
  • Tire pressure. Checking the pressure is right is another important step in protecting your vehicle. Too high and it can bounce around on the trailer, possibly hitting things and at danger of flying off. To low and if the road gets bumpy the wheel rims get smashed against the floor. Getting it just right will avoid a lot of unnecessary headaches.

    Totalled car on trailer

    You’d be trying to avoid this

  • Drain the fuel. Having your fuel tank low or empty brings down the weight of the vehicle. This makes it easier to move onto the trailer and to tow. Having just enough to drive it onto the trailer if possible can make both yours and transporters job easier too.

These will make sure your pride and joy will be well prepared for its long haul journey. However, there are also things you can do to prepare yourself.


3. Just in case

You’ve made your car ready to transport and there’s no hassle with the transporters. However, taking these steps will make extra sure that this process goes as smoothly as possible.

  • First, Insure your vehicle. This may seem obvious, but check your insurance. Certain types don’t include insurance for long distance transportation. If this is the case then, should the worse happen, you’ll be the one responsible for paying for it.Handing over car keys
  • Get a copy of your keys for the driver. You’ve locked the car after driving it on to the trailer no doubt. So, if you’re not there to open the car and get it off the trailer, who can? Giving your transporter a spare set of keys will allow them to do their job. Having the originals for yourself means you won’t be locked out when you’re finally reunited with it.
  • Be available. You’ll have planned a time and place for the transporter to pick up your car. Make sure to be there when it rolls around. Make sure the car is available too, not buried behind someone else’s. Anything that can be done to make life easier for the transporters can also make life easier for you.


These steps should help improve the experience of moving your care less stressful and more importantly, safe. You’ll thank yourself that you did these afterwards.


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