Snooker tables, The bulkiest sports equipment

Snooker tablePumps, Dart boards, Slot-machines. All things you can find in your local pub. You can find of course as the centrepiece of the far corner empty space, the snooker table. It’s a staple of times out drinking with buddies and missing the easiest shots. It’s also a sport worth millions with tables that have to be exactly to the specifications set out by the WPBSA. (World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association). This means they need to be moved, and that’s where transporters come in. We get these through the DQC website and these tips will help you keep them safe and you with a customer.


The size and build of snooker tables

Large snooker table

The size of these tables can very wildy

Snooker/Pool tables come in multiple sizes. From 6×3 feet to the international 12×6 feet, therefore it’s good to make sure you can carry them. Listing “Pool Table” Won’t be good enough in this case. The other thing to know about these tables is that the surface underneath the green cloth is usually slate. This makes these tables even weightier than they appear so make sure you’ve got the man-power to carry it.

Not all pool tables have stone in them though. Some simply use wood, making them lighter and offering a feature that others don’t. These ones fold in half, provided the design allows for it. This makes them a less awkward shape.

The Original flat-pack furniture?

Before IKEA came along to infuriate everyone with ‘easy’ to build furniture, we got by removing the out sticking bits from most things. Anything that can be removed should is a general rule to be followed. The reason for this is that it stops you from breaking anything off. Anything to lower risk is usually a good thing to do. Instead of building legs into the tables, snooker tables rest on the legs usually

You’re being asked to move only the snooker table of course. The customer however might assume this means you’ll be taking the accessories too. This seems obvious but as always, clarity makes everything easier. The customer will have to individually wrap these items as most transporters don’t offer a wrapping service


The trouble with packing

Brown paper

The traditional brown paper, used often in wrapping ( Unless you want christmas colours)

For the customers, you should pack you snooker carefully and properly. Of course the most delicate part of the assembly is the cloth itself. You don’t want this to tear obviously, so a layer of cardboard over the top will offer plenty of protection. If you’re particular about scuffing the wood padding it with news/packing paper will help too.

Bubble wrap

You don’t need to stuff the pockets but it will stop something getting lost in there. You should wrap the balls and cues up in bubble wrap to save damage. The triangle is probably fine on its own unless it’s particularly fancy.


Of course the more moving parts you have, a ball release and the like, means more things can break so always make sure everyone knows exactly what’s happening. Preparation is key for these items and with this knowledge you’ll have an entirely new set of drinking buddies failing those simple corner shots.

To get a quote for transporters to move your snooker table and most other things, fill out the form here.


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