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Calculating running costs for transport companies


Many people who start transport companies approximate the cost of running a vehicle without taking into account all aspects of its operation and upkeep. Consequently, the vast majority of new owner-driver couriers tend to underestimate the amount. It is important to be as accurate as possible when assessing your overheads because you don’t want any […]

Staying safe when climbing in and out of vehicles


National Falls Awareness Week begins on 18th June, so this is a good time for transport companies to think about their risk management strategies. A number of hazardous activities can cause couriers to fall from their vehicles, and transport companies have a legal duty to attempt to prevent this. The most common causes of falls […]

Remaining calm and courteous on the road


As far as courtesy on the road goes, the image of the professional van driver is not a good one. If you run a man and van service, consider whether you are contributing to the aggressive “white van man” stereotype. By being more considerate and reducing your anger behind the wheel, you will not only […]

Driving tired worse than driving drunk


Research carried out by scientists in Australia suggests that the effects of sleep loss can be similar to or worse than drinking alcohol to excess. The study found that sleep disruption or deprivation can seriously affect the body’s ability to think clearly and to move or react normally. The researchers from the University of New […]

White van men blamed for road rage


Nearly half of UK motorists name white van men as the most aggravating drivers on the road in a new survey by Of the 2,300 respondents 45% said white van men were the most annoying motorists in the UK, followed closely by another stereotype, the school-run Mum in her 4×4. The survey follows another […]

TFL’s Code of Practice for quieter Olympic deliveries


During the Olympics, temporary restrictions will result in many deliveries taking place out of normal operating hours. In the most severely affected areas, deliveries may be limited to 12 A.M. to 6 A.M. Although many delivery jobs already take place ‘out-of-hours’, the increase in activity during the Games means that delivery companies need to be […]

Tax crackdown on online traders


Amazon and eBay have been ordered to hand over tens of thousands of members’ details as part of HMRC’s ongoing crackdown on tax evasion. From May 2nd, regular online traders and those who buy items to sell on at a profit have been receiving letters from HMRC. The letters state that the traders have the […]

Study suggests “compelling” case for UK road charging


A report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), funded by the RAC Foundation, has suggested that a “radical overhaul” of road taxes is needed. It says there is a “compelling” case for introducing road charging in the UK to replace the current system funded by fuel taxes. Currently, fuel and vehicle excise duties raise […]

The motorway speed limit debate – 80mph ‘not safe’


Motorways are not suitable to cope with raising the speed limit according to the Road Safety Foundation (RSF). The charity believes England’s motorways do not provide enough protection to drivers for an increase to the current limit. It found that half of the networks barriers are inadequate to cope with the increased speed and that […]

DQC’s Green Guide to your Fuel Options


Transport providers have many things to consider when buying a new van. Whether you are experienced in offering man and van services or new to courier jobs, your choice of van is very important. One of the key decisions you will have to make is the type of fuel it will use. Every type of […]