Are You Sending Items Aboard That You Shouldn’t?

worldwide shippingWhen it comes to buying a gift or making a purchase online, you rarely think about the possibility that the item that you are sending could be about to breach the mail regulations of various countries across the globe and in the bid to make things easier for you all, we have researched into some of the weird and wonderful rules that relate to countries around the world.

With everything from playing cards done to the most common sense prohibited items, we have picked out some of the most shocking and regularly blocked items based on the countries where limitations are in place and created a brilliant whitepaper of research for you all to see.

We know that rules and regulations need to be in place to keep the mail and freight industry safe but we can assure you that some of the items that we have found out to be blocked from being posted in various countries is sure to leave you stunned.

With the possibility of being accused of being a spy in Iraq, a money launder specialist in Costa Rica or even a smuggler in Bulgaria for simply sending a musical gift card, you really need to see some of the jaw dropping items that might not make their destination!

You can view the complete whitepaper online here.

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