Moving to University

A guide to essentials and advice on moving in to your university pad.

So, A levels finished, a bunch of A’s in your pocket and moving to university in the town of your dreams!

shutterstock_21411589Believe it or not you’ll need to take more belongings than you’d expect. There actually isn’t a shampoo fairy that constantly refills toiletries and you’ll want things you’d have never of thought of buying, like washing up liquid


Dads moving truck

Firstly, moving,  how are you going to get it there? Dads estate car is great packed to the roof with everything, however even with a basic list we’ve worked out you’ll pack about 15 boxes, so unless Dad, uncle or generous friend can carry out several trips get it transported.

List the number of boxes, where you live to where you’re going on DQC in the furniture section to receive quotes from numerous transport providers who will take all your gear in one go. DQC can save up to 75% on transportation against approaching transporters directly, a great saving when you’re protecting your student loan. Find out how much at

Pack well, make sure everything you pack is protected and will arrive in one piece, this goes double if you’re cramming your belongings into the back of your mate’s fiat Punto. Buy boxes from storage depots or online, these are normally good quality and you can break them back down to reuse when moving between properties or retuning home. Make sure you label them so you know what’s what.

Check with your landlord what is included in the house, this can cut down what you need especially in terms of kitchenware and furniture, if you’re moving to halls for you first year the list gets much smaller.

What to take

Firstly, you’re obviously there to learn so make sure you’ve got all your equipment, pens, pencils all other writing equipment. Don’t forget paper and notebooks. You should have also received your book list, buy these online to save money and get them delivered at home, when you’re sharing a house post can be mislaid for days.

shutterstock_133092458Uni stuff Box count 1


Depending on what’s already there you’ll only need the basics, unless you want to prepare gourmet meals. Why would you take a food mixer and who needs a toaster when you’ve got a grill, heres what’s needed:

  • Pots / pans, you don’t need many but at least one medium sized pan, one small and a frying pan are essential.Kitchen
  • Baking tray, for cooking ready meals or reheating pizza
  • Utensils, at least one sharp knife, tongs, spatula and spoons.
  • Cutlery and crockery, enough for you but maybe spares if you’re wanting to entertain.
  • Kettle and mugs Top tip pack this with some tea coffee and powdered milk and make it easy to find, you’ll want a brew whilst unpacking)
  • Plastic tubs, for keeping half portions or leftovers and for your lunches.

I’ve already bigged up Ikea in previous blogs, but they’re great for starter sets, try this one for pans:

shutterstock_133092458shutterstock_133092458shutterstock_133092458Kitchen box count 3


You’ll need a good sleep after a hard days studying!!

  • Duvet and pillows (I spent my first year at Uni using my coat as a pillow, don’t forget)
  • Bed linen, make sure you have two sets, even using tumble driers at the laundrette one set need to air before putting back on the bed
  • Top tip invest in a bottle of fabreeze to keep everything smelling fresh
  • Hangers and possibly a free standing clothes rail
  • Top tip, get a door stop, you can prop your door open to be sociable or use it to block your door when you want to be alone or for extra security.
shutterstock_133092458shutterstock_133092458shutterstock_133092458Bedroom box count 3


  • shutterstock_7349137Towel, again make sure you have at least two
  • Bath robe, you may think you’re an Adonis or super model but it saves for embarrassment when you shuffling around with a hangover in your grey comfy pants.
  • Toiletries and bag
  • Hairdryer, straighters
shutterstock_133092458Bathroom box count 1


  • shutterstock_151107941TV, DVD and DVD’s
  • Games console
  • Radio
  • Laptop
  • Alarm clock
  • Plugs, chargers and cables
  • Printer (Optional, you can use the Uni facilities for most printing although most course work can now be sent electronically)
shutterstock_133092458shutterstock_133092458Electrical box count 2/3 pack this well with plenty of bubble wrap.


We won’t tell you what to take, you know what to wear and when, make sure though you have enough to last between laundry visits. Make sure its versatile and remember things like a swimsuit and some comfy shoes.

shutterstock_133092458shutterstock_133092458shutterstock_133092458Clothes box count 2/3 (or suitcases)

Essential extras

  • Ear plugs, yes you will need them


    Essential University additions

  • Push bike, folding ones are best so you can take it inside with you
  • Traffic cone and/or diversion sign, these can normally be sourced locally
  • Fancy dress outfit, you’ll need one at some point and normally with about an hours’ notice
  • First aid kit stocked with hangover cures
shutterstock_133092458Essentials box count 1+bike (traffic cone is best travelling with you)

So the total box count ramps up

List your details on to find quality transporters to help you moving to your university pad.

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