The five tips for being the best Transporter

Courier TipsEveryone wants to be the best in their business or at least one of the best. So how do you become one of the best couriers around? Hard work, reliability and a great reputation will help you succeed in any walk of life and will all increase your business potential, so here are our five top tips to help you achieve this, in no particular order.

 Courier Tips

  1. Charge a fair price. The first thing a potential customer usually looks at is the cost. If this is excessive they will look elsewhere but surprisingly many people don’t always choose the cheapest option. They look for what they are going to get for their money, and many would rather pay a little more to ensure that their products arrive on time and undamaged. You will need to work out your costing carefully so that you make a profit but do not price yourself out of the market. Make sure it is clear to the customer what they are getting for their money. Value for money is important to the customer and if they understand that they are getting a good service, they will be prepared to pay for it.
  2. Administration is vital to the good courier. At the beginning of a job make sure that all details are carefully recorded so you have a contact name, address and telephone number. You must get a signature for proof of delivery. Make sure your invoices are clear and are sent out on time with all the job details clearly written on the invoice. Check carefully that they have been paid – do not leave it too long to chase up unpaid invoices.
  3. A professional image is vital to the good courier. You should be clean and presentable yourself and this should extend to which ever vehicle you are using. The inside of the vehicle should be as smart as the outside, so tools and other materials should be kept neatly in a toolbox or otherwise hidden away. A professional appearance is easy to achieve and produces the good impression you are after.
  4. Communication is a vital skill for the good courier. The customer will want to know when you will be collecting the courier consignment, when the goods have been delivered, or if there are any problems or delays. You should be available to answer the telephone and deal with any questions the customer might have, remembering that if you are regularly answering your phone in transit you will need hands-free for your mobile phone. Lack of communication is one of the major complaints against courier services so make sure that you do not fall into this category.
  5. The sign of a true professional is how they cope when things go wrong. In any business there will be problems. Major traffic delays are outside the control of the courier at times and the customer will need to be informed. Goods can be damaged in transit, deliveries can be late. If your business is efficient then problems like this will be at a minimum but you must be prepared to deal with them calmly. Accept if it is your fault and be prepared to compensate.
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  1. Independent Freight left a comment on 20/03/2019 at 9:20 am | Permalink

    Thanks for sharing these things to consider when choosing the best courier services. This can help a lot. Good job!

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