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Top Tips For Launching A Courier Service


Starting your own courier service needn’t be a frustrating exercise. Most people who start their own courier service already have some experience of the industry, but whether you’re starting from scratch or an old veteran, we’ve put together some top tips to help guide you. Do Your Research Businesses will always need couriers and thanks […]

Christmas Gifts

The Cheapest Way of Sending a Mother’s Day Gift


Just a friendly reminder; it’s Mother’s Day here in the UK on March 18th, which means you have just four weeks to buy a present and get it to your Mum whilst surprising her with your organisational skills. Don’t worry though, we don’t expect you to tell her it was because we reminded you. If […]

Driver habits changing due to soaring fuel costs


Couriers and hauliers are seeing less traffic on the roads as the increasing cost of petrol is forcing people to cut down on their car journeys. Figures from the AA show that petrol sales in the first six months of 2011 were 1.7bn litres less than in the same period three years ago. They believe […]

Motorway speed limit to be geared up?


Couriers and transport companies could find the motorways moving much faster by 2013. The government has proposed a public consultation to increase the speed limit on the country’s motorways to 80mph, due to advances in vehicle safety and technology. However, there are no plans to increase the limit for lorries above 7.5 tonnes, which will […]

Couriers benefit from charities e-commerce push


Couriers could benefit as charity shops increase their use of the internet to sell second hand goods. More than half surveyed reported that they use sites such as eBay in order to gain more sales. “Charities are finding they can get greater value online for books and antique collectables than selling through shops,” said Wendy […]

Planning to study abroad


The tuition fee shake up has meant that for many students studying abroad is now a cheaper, and more attractive, option than attending a university in the UK. With many institutions in the country planning to charge up to £9000 per year, the opportunities for students to not only gain a degree at a more […]

E-commerce boom proves big business for courier services


Spending by shoppers over the internet grew by 19% during the first six months of 2011– one percentage point more than expected, boosted by the weather and the Royal Wedding. Industry body IMRG revealed this week that online retail sales totaled £31.5 billion in the six months to June 30th, which is directly impacting the […]

Five tips to save money on courier services


Using a courier is often unavoidable and with eBay getting even more popular, they’re in demand. But, like most industries, the recession hit courier service badly and the increasing cost of fuel and insurance isn’t helping. If you know where to look it is possible to courier things cheaply. Take a look at our top […]

Couriers, would you consider going electric?


Couriers are feeling the crunch of rising fuel prices and with no sign of the costs coming down (inflation rose to 4.5% in April), road transport companies need to find ways to beat the problem. One idea that the government has been pushing for some time is electric vehicles. Many see them as compact little […]

Reckless drivers to get on the spot fines


Couriers, hauliers and anybody working for road transport companies know how frustrating some drivers can be. Whether they’re bad drivers or just plain ignorant, it only takes one to spoil your day. So surely you all jumped for joy at the news that on the spot fines are to be brought in for reckless drivers? […]