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Small Businesses


Things are looking up for small businesses, despite the economy remaining at a low. The Guardian recently reported that credit is still available from banks, despite the Federation of Small Businesses insisting there is none available. Lenders are arguing that demand is low; money is available if small businesses want to apply for it. Simple […]

Delivery Driver

What Makes A Good Delivery Driver?


While there’s plenty of delivery drivers out there, how many can say they’re a good delivery driver? A successful delivery business requires the best of its drivers, and a great delivery driver offers more than just a simple delivery. Our tips for being a great delivery driver are deceptively simple. Customer service rates need to […]

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Finding Delivery Jobs


If you’re in the delivery business and looking for more work, DQC is one of the best places to start. Our online marketplace is full of people looking for help moving parcels, packages, furniture, pallets and freight from A to B, so there’s no reason you couldn’t get started today! To make it easier for […]

return load

Cheapest Ways Of Couriering Items


While Delivery Quote Compare can help you find competitively priced couriers with our bidding system, there’s still one way of getting great low costs when trying to courier something that’s available anywhere. If budget is a huge concern for you then couriering your item via a return or back load can help reduce the price […]

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Where Do International Couriers Go?


Should you be curious, or confused, about just where an international courier can deliver your items to, then rest assured that pretty much the entire world is covered by the courier network. Don’t believe us? Use our online form to get free quotes and find out! Couriers can deliver items from the UK to most […]

Specialised Delivery Types


Everyone knows that to get something delivered you use a courier service and Specialised Delivery Types but what do you do if the item you need to be delivered is on the dangerous goods list? While a normal courier might not be able to help, specialised delivery services are available for items that require a […]

Using a Courier for eBay collections Tips


We’ve all done it; you’re rummaging around eBay to waste some time during a particularly slow moment of your day when suddenly there it is, the perfect item that’ll make your life complete! And then you take a closer look and realise it’s being sold from somewhere 200 miles away and is collection only. Today […]

The Cheapest Way Of Sending Items Via Courier


Did you know there’s absolutely no need to pay full price for a courier? While Delivery Quote Compare can help you find low prices, there is a way to get even lower prices quoted and it’s surprisingly easy. If your item isn’t urgently required then consider sending it via back or return loads, especially if […]

Cheap Couriers


Sending something via courier needn’t cost a fortune, but it certainly does pay to do your research before accepting the cheapest courier quote on the table. If your item is fragile or valuable then spending that little bit extra time to choose a courier with proven customer service can mean the difference between a broken […]

Piano Removals – What You Should Know


There’s a big difference between a pianist and someone who just plays the piano, and often the best way to tell is how they treat their instrument. Pianos are expensive items to buy when good quality is a must, and keeping them in tune and tip top condition is a labour of love. When it […]