Ford launch battery-powered version of their best selling car

The Ford Focus Electric can reach top speeds of 85mph and travel up to 100 miles on a single

Normal or Electric vans

The electric car movement is finally getting traction after years of travelling in the slow lane. Supporters of electric transport will see the car giant’s release as a major coup for the industry.

The car comes with a price tag of £28,500 and that includes a discount from a government grant. This puts its cost a double that of the cheapest regular Focus. Since the government introduced the grant in early 2011, approximately 4500 electric cars have been sold. In comparison, more than 65,000 new petrol or diesel powered cars were sold last month alone.

Whilst not a significant improvement on previous electric cars, the Focus Electric has been well received by critics. The release of the Focus Electric follows the government’s announcement that every new car sold in 2040 should be an electric or hydrogen powered vehicle in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Soon to join Ford in high-profile electric car launches are BMW who plan to introduce the i3 with a cheaper price tag and similar battery life.

The Focus Electric’s arrival comes a day after the government said every new car sold in 2040 should be an electric or hydrogen vehicle, to cut carbon emissions.

Norman Baker, Minister for Transport said: “As well as huge opportunities for the automotive sector, this [move to low-emission vehicles] will bring life-changing benefits to our towns and cities improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions and it will provide energy security by reducing our reliance on foreign oil imports.”

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