Post Office Strikes Causing Problems?

royal-mail-strike-pic-getty-790377901-425963With major disruption within the Post Office seemingly a never-ending news story, it is understandable that disruption to postal services is a significant concern for businesses and individuals alike. Delivery Quote Compare aim to provide a stress free and reliable solution to your parcel delivery dilemmas.

In order to help you choose the service that best suits your needs, DQC offer a no obligation quotation service. To help narrow down your options, please keep the following information in mind.

The maximum size for a ready-to-deliver parcel should be no more than 150cm x 60cm x 60CM and the maximum weight should be 30kg. It is worth going down a different delivery route rather than chancing it if your parcel weighs slightly too much, as health and safety laws dictate 30kg is the absolute maximum a driver is allowed to lift, and your parcel simply won’t get through the automatic sorting system.

Bear in mind that certain items are forbidden from being sent through any parcel delivery firm. The list includes: Flammable items, perishable goods, passports, juices and liquids, and even small explosives such as Christmas crackers. Also, the parcel delivery firms retain the right to not insure certain items including jewellery, antiques, and china. Higher value items are often better suited to a courier delivery service.

Ensure your goods are well packaged before they are due to be delivered. Breakages and returns can be a major hassle, so don’t skimp on the bubble wrap, tape, or boxes.

Furthermore, once you have received your quotes, it is important to remember that sometimes the cheapest quote is not always the best. Ensure the providers are able to be flexible with their collection dates (if required), provide a reasonable delivery time, offer enough insurance for your goods – it is vital to strike the balance between cost and service in order to get the best for yourself and your customers.

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