Vans: more than just a vehicle!

van office

A recent report suggests that van drivers are using their vehicles for more than just their daily working requirements.

Tradespeople are making the most of their portable working environment, with many using their vans as portable offices, break rooms, entertainment centres, and even bedrooms!

The study carried out by Direct Line for Business found that 31% of tradespeople have used their van as a mobile office, 45% as a portable dining room, and a perhaps surprising 11% have slept in their van.

Despite the relative convenience a van might offer its owner, there are some risks associated with owning a kitted-out van. Business Manager at Direct Line for Business, Melissa Hunt, said, “Thieves (…) are also after expensive laptops, tablets and smart phones. With so much high end technology being stored in tradespeople’s vans it is important owners have sufficient insurance cover to protect their belongings.”.

Below is a list of the top alternative uses for a van:

1. A tea break room (50 per cent)
2. To listen to music (45 per cent)
3. A dining room (45 per cent)
4. An office (31 per cent)
5. A reading room (30 per cent)
6.  For smoking (14 per cent)
7. For sleeping (11 per cent)
8. Playing computer games on a mobile phone (9 per cent)
9. For sex (5 per cent)
10. For playing computer games on a handheld console (5 per cent)

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