How to package a parcel for delivery

Parcel delivery services are ideal for sending parcels quickly and cheaply. However, you need to keep in mind that your parcel will be one of many being handled at once. It is likely to be moved through an automated sorting centre and transferred from one van to another. For this reason, you must make sure it is suitably packaged.

  • Wrap each item separately. Your parcel will be shaken up during transit, so each item should be wrapped carefully in bubble wrap. If you are packing multiple items together, they should not be touching.
  • Use a strong box. Although it can be tempting to reuse an old box, it may not protect your goods adequately. Parcel delivery companies recommend that you use a corrugated fibreboard box with a strong outer wrapping.
  • Create a double wall at the bottom of the box. Insert a double layer of corrugated card on top of a layer of cushioning material. You can do the same with the sides of the box for extra protection.
  • Cushion your items well. Fill the spaces in the box with with polystyrene chips, polythene foam, additional bubble wrap or crumpled paper. Take particular care to cushion fragile items. The contents should not be touching the outer packaging.
  • Create another cardboard double wall on top. Firmly place the card on top of the cushioning material and add extra cushioning on top.
  • Close the parcel carefully. Make sure the flaps of the box are intact and no cushioning material can escape.
  • Seal the parcel with strong tape. Parcel delivery companies suggest plastic or reinforced carbon tape, rather than ordinary household tape.
  • Don’t strap two parcels together. Strapping is liable to get caught up during the delivery process, and the parcel delivery company will not pay compensation for parcels that were lost or damaged because they were bound together.
  • Address the parcel properly. The recipient’s address and postcode should be clearly written on the parcel. Additionally, write your own address, post code and phone number on the outside and inside of the parcel in case the parcel delivery company has any queries during transit.

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