Garden furniture, more than plastic chairs

One of the joys of being on the internet is watching people fall over in funny ways. One of the classic settings for these videos is the garden. This is the place where people try to jump off of their furniture only for the plastic to give way and end up with their face in their grass. While we can’t recommend you throwing yourself off of stuff in the garden, there are many nicer things you can place in it then plastic chairs.



Garden Hammock

For the adventurous out there a hammock gives you a comfortable place to lie down without touching the floor. Speaking from personal experience nothing is more relaxing than a dry day hanging from the trees. However you do need good balance to use a hammock to avoid sitting on the floor, also speaking from experience. The other good thing about a hammock is that they’re basically cloth and rope. When the rains come you can just fold it away.


Garden Tables and BenchesGarden benches and table

You see these all over the place in public parks, why not in a garden? These things go from simple pieces of kit for about £50 to big wooden benches for around £200.  Offer a nice space for people to sit around during a barbecue and chat about life. The best part about it is you can’t really have a huge injury while using it, at least without a lot of drinks to begin with.


Full Patio furniture

Patio Furniture

For the true luxury seekers a full set with cushions and beautiful craftsmanship is a desirable purchase. They are very expensive, going anywhere from £300 to £700. They also require more looking after, those cushions aren’t water proof. Yet when the weathers right and there’s people out there’s nothing better.



With the sheer range of items you can get for your garden that aren’t fragile plastic chairs you can really make a garden come into its own. With the proper care and some cheap to purchase covers for when it rains they can last for years. But what about getting them from whoever you bought them from to your house? Fortunately there are transporters everywhere online to help you out and can help you find the best one for you.



Christopher East 2018

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