Start of Spring with new Garden Furniture

As we head towards spring then slowly moving towards summer! can be quite a drag at times as we wait for the temperature to rise to a more acceptable level, you may be thinking about your garden. Do you need to replace garden furniture, either because you’ve moved recently or just because it is in dire need of an update? Motivated by the excitement of new furniture and having your garden look like the perfect place to relax and enjoy those long summer days even more now because of Covid, making the garden more of a focus space.

In the following post, to help you be mindful of the risks involved when buying garden furniture, we’ve outlined some do’s and don’ts.

Do – Measure Your Garden Accurately

Whether you’re buying online or going to the local hardware or garden store to buy your garden furniture, you need to make sure that you know the available space you have. This means, not just using your hands in some sort of rudimental method like you’re an old-fashioned surveyor or interior designer to measure your garden. It means getting some tools and equipment out and measuring properly.

You could use a measuring tape or the old chalk trick. Whatever method you choose, measure accurately. This not only avoids you spending money on furniture that just won’t fit. But, if you’re intending on hiring a man with a van to help pick-up and delivery your furniture from the garden store, it could cost more money on a wasted couple of journeys if it turns out your garden isn’t quite as big as you thought it was.

Buying Online – Do Beware the Perils

Most of us nowadays buy everything we can online. Well, we certainly do, and we assume you do too. You can save a lot of money when you buy online, especially if it’s directly from the seller or manufacturer or if you use a classified ads site or something like Amazon or eBay. However, there are many downsides to buying online. Especially when buying certain items, such as garden furniture.

For one thing, your decision is solely based on images and videos that accompany the product page on a screen on your computer. Although computers and graphics cards, resolution and monitor screens have improved since the early 90s, it’s still no substitute for seeing items in person.

Be Cautious When Buying on auction sites

Obviously, you should take care when buying from places like eBay or Gumtree. They’re great places to pick up a bargain or even benefit from someone else’s mistake in not measuring, just don’t rush into anything and don’t exchange money until you’ve seen the item and are satisfied with it.

Wherever you buy your furniture from getting it delivered needn’t be a headache, simply list the details on Delivery Quote Compare to find trusted transporters to bring it to your door.

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