Breakdown cover for vans, knowing what you need

Whether you run a fleet of vehicles or are a single man with a van, the vehicles you use are the tools of your trade. However they are complex machines and when they break they can have a lot that needs repairing. Without the proper breakdown cover, you could be left stranded without the means to transport goods or meeting customers. You can also leave yourself with a nasty bill you might not be able to pay.


What could you be paying for?


Without the proper coverage when things go wrong you’re left with the bill. These can be for spare parts like tires or piping. If you’ve just run out of fuel paying for the tow to a service station or garage can be a surprisingly expensive thing to pay. The worst part however is not the money you have to pay but the money you could lose from not making your delivery. You could end up stranded on the hard shoulder without the proper coverage.


How can you avoid this?

By getting the proper coverage you can save yourself a lot of pain. There are various levels of breakdown insurance; based around the areas they cover you. These levels include:

  • Roadside breakdown cover: This is the most basic, if your van breaks down at the side of the road your policy will have to tow truck come to you. If they can fix it on the side of the road they will. However if not you’ll still be covered for the tow, but you’ll have to pay for the repairs from that point. However paying for the tow can cost more than £100, more for motorway pick-ups.
  • National Cover: This of course will fully cover you across the UK. It’s the same as the roadside cover however you can be towed back to wherever you like. The main issue is that the coverage may only be able to tow you so far. If you pay more you can remove the mileage or geographical limit. This can cover your repairs as well if you get a good deal.
  • European cover: For transporters who do jobs across the channel this is essential and is not part of standard packages. Make sure you get it because adding the cost of getting your van back from Europe can be huge.


Think of everything for your breakdown coverPaperwork

Always check the small print, no two contracts for breakdown cover are the same, even if they are at the same level of cover. Different providers have different restrictions and perks. For example roadside repairs may have a time limit before higher charges are added on, or maybe your van is too big and heavy for the coverage. The general rule is to go with the established insurance companies because they have the experience. However there are comparison sites out there for the coverage you could need.


Speaking of comparison sites, get the work you want and make quotes at

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