The Bank Holiday Is Coming!!

Having your own outdoor space for entertaining and dining is a dream for lots of families. Combining the tranquil surroundings of your garden with characterful garden furniture can complete your perfect abode. But before you achieve a setting from a Christmas fudge tin, you need to buy the perfect garden furniture – and have it delivered.

This coming holiday will be different from most. With lockdown and social distancing measures still in place due to COVID-19, you may need to kick back at home with your loved ones rather than head out on a trip. So, why not do it in style with some new garden furniture ready for the bank holiday?

Where to Buy Garden Furniture

There are hundreds of places to buy garden furniture ready for your bank holiday celebrations and beyond. You could always try buying from the big name stores online and hoping they still deliver during the coronavirus pandemic. However, if you want to try other ways to get garden furniture and maybe even save some money, you could try looking on:

  • Facebook marketplace
  • Gumtree
  • Craigslist
  • Smaller family furniture businesses
  • Community notice boards

What Garden Furniture Should You Buy

If this is your first time buying garden furniture, ask yourself what you want from the space. Most people choose to equip their garden with furniture so they can entertain guests and eat outside during the warmer months. This is why you can never go wrong with patio furniture such as an outdoor dining table and chairs. You may want to look into furniture that affords more privacy, such as fake trees or fencing.

Always make sure the furniture you buy is indeed for outdoor use. If not, it could become damaged and worn quickly.

What If Delivery Is a Problem

Some garden furniture stores may not offer delivery right now, and some may have limited delivery options because of the current pandemic. If getting your new garden furniture home is going to be a problem, you could always inquire about bespoke delivery and courier services.

These services are more likely to be applicable when buying second hand from another homeowner or when buying from smaller family businesses who will work with you. Chain stores may not accommodate external delivery services.

Removal companies and man-and-van workers may be able to help. You can use their services to get your desired garden furniture home when you can’t. learn about services which may be able to help at Delivery Quote Compare.

Benefits of Using a Personal Delivery Service

There are lots of reasons to choose a delivery service to get your furniture to you this bank holiday, including:

  • Exceptional convenience
  • Often delivery times
  • Bespoke delivery times that suit your needs
  • The best delivery services are safe and still abiding by social distancing measures
  • Potential to save money on your delivery

Find Cheap Quotes for Courier Services, Instantly!

If you want a cheaper way to get garden furniture home for the bank holiday, look no further than Delivery Quote Compare. We can provide you with quotes that are up to 75% cheaper than other courier services.

Jump onto our site now to get a delivery quote and save money effortlessly!

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  1. Van Man left a comment on 07/05/2020 at 7:20 pm | Permalink

    Using a man and van for these types of deliveries is very convenient and cheap especially if the item will not fit in a car

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