5 spooky decorations for this Halloween

All Hallows Eve is many peoples favourite time of year. It’s an excuse to relish in scary images and spooky stories. For kids it’s the time to dress up and go trick-or-treating. Teenagers have friends round to watch scary movies. For adults it’s usually when you turn off all the lights at the front of the house. For others it’s when you get a big bowl of sweets ready by the front door. If you are one of these people how else are you going to let people know you’re ready for the occasion other than decorations? Here are five spooky things you can get right now in time for Halloween.

Hanging Ghosts, £1.99 for three, eBay

Let’s start simple with the classic white sheet ghost. These hanging balloon decorations are a little basic but very effective and fun. For a more family friendly Halloween these decorations offer a good level of child-friendly creepiness.

5ft Spider Prop, £6.89, eBay

Here’s something creepier for more serious fans of Halloween. These giant spiders can be used on the outside of your house to add a creepy vibe as people walk up. On the inside they can lurk in corners giving whoever stumbles on them a jump. Probably not best to have if anyone in the house has Arachnophobia.

Realistic Skull Prop, £13.99, HalloweenCostumes.co.uk

One of the most iconic visuals of Halloween is the skeleton. While a full size skeleton can be unwieldly this skull looks eerily like the real thing and can be put in more surprising places. It also allows for many Shakespearean monologues to break out of nowhere.

LED Mini Lantern, £3.69, eBay

There’s a lot of lighting you can find for Halloween. However most of them are just fairy lights coloured orange. Such a time of year could use more than just Christmas decorations. These lanterns fit the theme much better, with the silhouette adding classic Halloween flair.

Halloween pumpkin carving kit, £14.99, Amazon

Finally, what is Halloween without pumpkins? While there are multiple plastic pumpkins for sale nothing beats a pumpkin you carve yourself. With a kit like this you can customise your pumpkin and create your own spooky lantern to decorate your house.

With these together you’ll have a house prepared to scare your neighbourhood. Of course if you find something like this that’s collection only or you’re selling it yourself you need it delivered. For this the smart choice is finding a courier service on DeliveryQuoteCompare.com. We  eBay compatible and will find you a delivery company professional enough for your work, saving you up to 75% from doing the research yourself.

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