Bonfire Night, transporting fireworks safely

One of the most spectacular nights of the year is Guy Fawkes Night, with the rockets and sparklers and Catherine-wheels going off. However while these fireworks are great to see they are also explosive. Because of this if you need to move them, you will have to take a lot of precautions. Here are the steps to take so you can move fireworks safely and legally in time for Bonfire night.


Getting your vehicle ready for fireworks


Of course the main issue when it comes to fireworks is that they explode. While this is the whole point setting them off early is a very dangerous thing. Prepping your car or van is mostly about removing anything flammable. Its government mandated that you remove any fuel containers in the vehicle outside of the actual fuel tank. Other things to remove include are paint thinner and spirits that can catch fire, as well as matches or lighters that can cause ignition.


Know how to carry them


The thing you don’t want with fireworks is there to be any sparks, for this carrying them properly is important. Most big packs of fireworks are in suitable containers; however individual rockets may be sold loose. In any case a big plastic box with a lid is a good shout. Storing them securely in the back (Either the boot or the back of the van).

It’s also good to know that you can’t go overboard with the fireworks. The law states that you can’t carry more than 5kg of them in your vehicle. This is unless you have a firework storage licence which allows you to carry upwards of 50kg. For those wanting to do bonfire night in Europe transporting dangerous material like this is not allowed. Ferries and the Channel Tunnel have full powers and responsibilities to deny you access if you are carrying them.


The little things with big consequences


There are many habits that we have that we often forget about. One that definitely shouldn’t be done is smoking near fireworks. It’s one of the most obvious things however there’s always a chance you can forget it. If you have a lighter or cigarettes leaving them at home can help avoid any problems to begin with.

Another thing to remember is insurance. Some insurers will cover for firework damage however not all will. Finding your level of coverage will tell you if moving the fireworks yourself is a good idea to begin with.

Also, for younger firework enthusiasts, while you may drive and therefore transport fireworks at the age of 17 you can’t actually buy them until you’re 18. Just in case you wanted to run out to get explosives as soon as you get your licence in your hand.


Following these tips you can get bonfire night ready to go without any tragic events. For the big night following the RoSPA Firework code will allow you and your loved ones to have a fun and safe time.

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