The top 5 best van decorations

When you’re driving around the country transporting goods, your van becomes almost a second home. When this happens the plain dashboard gets a little… boring. It needs that personal touch to make it feel like home. Worry not for this list will show the best types of decorations for your money making vehicle.

5. The cup holder

Every vehicle worth its petrol has cup holders these days. They can be found in the central console, hidden down the doors or even popping out of the dashboard. But what if you want MORE cup holders? The life of a transporter is filled with long nights, longer drives and even longer cups of coffee. Maybe your current holders are in an awkward place, or maybe you have too many cups. Ones such as this from Halfords are cheap, useful, hang from the vents securely and give your dashboard the look of a driver prepared for the journey ahead.

Halfords Cup Holder – £3


4. The Disco ball

Disco may be dead but decorations like this keep it staying alive. The first of the hanging decorations on this list the mini Disco ball adds just enough funkiness to bring any van alive. The glittering mirrors make the sun or street-lights sparkle no matter where you are. Okay, they’re kind of cheesy but they’re still fun. Fun and cheap on Amazon, hang one up and blast some Bee Gees or Jackson 5 out of the radio. It’ll make the miles fly by.

Amazon Mirror Ball – £2.99

3. The Hula GirlHula Girl figure

Everyone wants to escape, to relax on the beach taking in the tropical sun. Well, the roads of the UK may not be all that exotic unless there’s another heatwave. However you can bring the sunshine of the pacific islands to you dashboard with the classic dancing hula girl. It will bring life and movement to the otherwise static cab of your van. This one on eBay even comes with the scent of a delicious Pina Colada cocktail, transporting you to paradise. Or at least, it would improve the smell of England.

eBay Pina Colada Scented Hula Girl – £3.80

2. The FlagFlags of the world for decorations

So far we’ve focused on your van dashboard. It makes sense, you’d be looking in that direction whilst transporting goods across the country. However, what about the wall behind you? It’s so bare and dull. Adding some decoration can make the cab cosier and inviting. Why not a flag? Add colour and show your support for anything. A countries flag to remind you of the places you’ve been. A sports team flag to show your loyalty. Keep saying it’s coming home and get an England flag (We’ll get them next time.). There are many out there, and they add that fanatical but homely touch.

Amazon England Football Flag – £5.95

1. The fuzzy diceFuzzy Dice

This may seem obvious, even predictable but it’s true. The fuzzy dice are the best of all vehicle decorations. They may seem uncool, but time has been nice to them. They have gone so uncool, that they are pretty much the coolest thing. Plus they add colour, are oddly satisfying to the touch, and make any van more legitimate by at least a small margin. It’s pretty much an institution at this point, almost a required purchase.

Amazon Pink Fuzzy Dice – £4.81


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