What can you do if your delivery is lost?

Here at DeliveryQuoteCompare.com we work with businesses based around delivering your stuff. The top companies in the UK ship items around the world on a daily basis. With such scale some items may be lost in transit, if rarely. Here are ways to help lower the chance of this happening to you, and what can be done if this situation occurs.


How to avoid this in the first place

The main way to avoid this problem comes down to one word, labelling. How packages get lost is when the couriers can’t see the address, or the shipping label can’t be scanned. This can happen if the label is damaged, is obscured or even falls off.

sending parcels abroad

proper labelling will stop your parcel being lost

If this happens the company in control of the package will put it in storage for a set amount of time or until it’s claimed.

How to avoid this is fortunately simple. Place your label flat on the box or parcel on the top or front to make it easy to see. You could also write it on the package itself to remove the chance of a label falling off. The rest should work out, these incidents only happen to 3% of all packages.


What about damages?

One of the worst things to happen is when your new purchase, or your treasured possession, is damaged in transit. The method to avoid this is simple as well, package properly. The more padding and sturdiness you can give the better.

But what if it happens anyway? What if it gets jostled around and breaks or gets rain on it? What or your rights? Fortunately you are covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015. This places the responsibility on the retailer. If you ordered something for a specific date and it’s not there or is damaged you can ask for a refund from the retailer.


What is the process of finding a lost package?

small lost parcel

If you are unlucky enough to have your delivery lost you can attempt to recover it by phoning up the courier service. If you don’t know which one you need to call the retailer can give you this information. They will then search for it at the depot that it was last scanned. However this takes time, a minimum of seven days, longer than ten and the package is confirmed lost. This is because with no label they have to go by size and shape. Once it is found you’ll either get the delivery as planned or it will be returned to sender.


It’s a rare and upsetting moment when a delivery is lost. Fortunately you are covered if the worst should happen. Another thing that will help you is getting proper insurance for your items. This insurance is offered by the transporters who use DeliveryQuoteCompare.com, offering competitive rates and professional service.

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