What are the challenges of a new year move?

A new year is all about making a fresh start and there aren’t any bigger changes you can make than moving house. Starting a new year in a new home seems to have a certain symmetry to it, but a new year move can be a daunting one.

Moving house at any time can be a challenge, as there is so much to organise and timing can be everything. A new year move throws up its own unique challenges which are worth bearing in mind if you are contemplating starting off the new year in a new home.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

If you are moving house in the new year, you will have to work towards that moving date for weeks, even months. However, you will also have had to contend with planning for Christmas at the same time.

This can be challenging because, at a time when you should be packing everything up, you are likely unpacking decorations and stashing presents in various secret locations around your house. Of course, if you are moving in the year, the decorations won’t have to back up into the attic.

However, if you are moving with children, Christmas and New Year can work quite conveniently. They are likely to be on holiday from school and you can also take advantage of the time off from work to get everything ready for moving day.

The downside to that, though, is that many of the professions you rely on to get the move over the line – estate agents, solicitors, bankers – may also be enjoying some extended time over that period or be working to a limited schedule.

Weather watching

Traditionally, the most popular time to move house is the summer. It’s not hard to see why – the weather is usually good and kids are on their long summer holidays from school. Hauling boxes through wind, rain and/or snow are is not much fun, which is distinct possibilities when it comes to a new year move.

Days are also shorter in winter, so you won’t have too much daylight to play with if you are planning an early January move.

On the move…or not

Summer moves can be highly lucrative for removals companies as they are in high demand. The flipside of this is that they are often hard to get hold of. Moving in the new year may mean that it is easier to get hold of a removals van and, in fact, they may be glad of the work during the post-Christmas lull.

Of course, some removal drivers may also use the quiet time to take annual leave, so you could struggle to find one who is willing to work and a traditionally quiet time of year. A one-off job may not be worth their while.

A new year move can be challenging, but due to many of the other distractions at this time of year, it requires you to be very well organised. This can turn out to be a blessing in disguise as you are less likely to leave anything to chance.

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