Young Motorists hit by rise in Insurance Premiums

We all knew it was coming, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less… Young drivers, especially females are now reaping the misfortunes of the UK being part of the EU Gender Directive. The scheme is supposed to equate fairness across insurance premiums in drivers, but has come as a shock to the young female’s pockets.

Data gathered by Uswitch has seen a rise in premiums of up to 8% (generally) for 17-18 year old females, with the boys lower than 6%. The information was gathered as over 20,000 drivers offered their insurance premiums before and after the 20th December 2012, when the directive came into power and the increases aren’t particularly being welcomed. The increase shows that 17 – 18 year old females rise has gone from around £1,300 up to nearly £2,000, with a 13% premium rise for 19 – 21yr old girls. Boys in the same age bracket has actually fallen to below 21%.

Whilst this may seem a harsh reality for the young females, young males are still paying more than average on their insurance premiums.

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