Climate Change To Affect Shipping Routes

1.12199--wave_goldcoastA report released in Nature Climate Change today reveals research that supports the theory that wave heights will climb in the Southern Hemisphere over the next century, and diminish in the Northern. Seas off Indonesia, Australia and Antarctica could see higher waves following changes in the ring of climate variability surrounding the South Pole. The expected change in wave height in the Northern Hemisphere as a result could see shipping lanes becoming safer and will help deep sea fishermen in the North Atlantic who’s livelihood depends on waves heights of under 2-5 metres. The study was an international collaboration, with the researchers working to predict wave behaviour over the next century through five different wave-climate models. The predicted dip in wave height in the northern areas of the world could have a potential knock-on effect in the energy sector as wave-powered industries wouldn’t have the same level of wave power to draw from. Coastal areas in the north should also see less erosion due to lower and less powerful waves, whilst those in the southern hemisphere should see an increase.

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