Delivery Men are now more popular from a Female’s point of view.

Men In UniformWith all these dating websites now bringing people in uniform together, it’s always been a popular subject as to which uniform worn by men are found most attractive by the women out there. With doctors sitting in first place, sitting in second place not far behind is actually the much loved delivery man, who have beaten the popular fireman.

With research being carried out by one of the UK’s leading comparison websites for delivery services, it’s been found that a man in a uniform is more than enough to get the pulses racing of the UK women. Women of the UK find a man in uniform so attractive that three fifths of the UK population have all nodded their head in agreement.

With the above statistics in mind it’s even been found that the trusty white van man has a far better reputation with the opposite sex then initially thought, and in the uniform stakes is currently beating Pilots, Firemen, Army and Navy servicemen.

Over 1,162 women from the UK aged 18 and over participated in this study which was carried out by

The opening question asked to these women was “Do you find men in uniform attractive?” and the answer given by 59% of them, which is three fifths was a definite yes.

With the opening question out of the way this led our researchers to then ask the women of the UK to choose which men in uniform they found the most attractive from a list comprised by us. With the research carried out the top 5 men in uniform, according to women of the UK is as follows:

1. Doctors/Surgeons – 61%
2. Delivery Men – 55%
3. Firemen – 53%
4. Army/Navy Servicemen – 34%
5. Pilots – 18%

Once the women advised of their choice of who they found the most attractive men in uniform we asked them to elaborate as to the reason why they thought they found them attractive, again with a list of answers to choose from the women of the UK were happy to answer and the findings are as follows –

73% of women admitted blushingly that they had fantasised about a man in uniform previously .
57% of women found a man in uniform extremely masculine.
33% of women advised that they thought that a man in uniform was able to look after them well, and this is why they found them attractive.
29% of women loved the look of a man in their specifically chosen uniform.
27% of women even revealed that they already had a crush on a man in uniform that they knew in real life.
23% of women even thought that because they wore uniform they appeared to be a lot more trustworthy, due to the nature of the business that they work in.
19% of women advised that they admired the physical strength of a man in uniform and found this an attractive feature.

Once our researchers had asked all of the nitty gritty questions the final question, but possibly the most interesting one was asked to the women of the UK, had they had a romantic encounter with a man in uniform and 18%, which is almost a fifth confirmed that they had.

When we approached Daniel Perry who’s a spokesperson for, with our findings, he had the following to say?

“Often you assume that women of the UK will find a fireman certainly the most attractive, but with our researchers on board we wanted to find out exactly if this was correct, and by our findings this is definitely not the case. Doctors and surgeons are obviously the clear favourite, however they are followed closely behind by our delivery men who appear to be most likely to attract a females attention rather than our army/servicemen or firemen.”

He went on to explain further:

“With a variety of results when it comes to the reasons that women are attracted to a man in uniform, the most likely reasons are because of the ‘manly’ image perceived as well as their capability. It doesn’t really matter what the specific reasons are, as at the end of the day the delivery men of the UK should give themselves a round of applause. The delivery men can now walk around with their heads held high and they can brush off the negative “white van man” image, as they come highly thought of by the women of the UK as one of the most fancied men in uniform.”

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