Why select the Man in a Van?

Man in a VanThe man in a van is the corner stone of courier work .Flexible and reliable, where local transport is needed he is often the first person people turn to. If you glance through any Yellow Pages and local newspapers, you will find lots of adverts for a man in a van. There may even be advertisements in news agent’s windows or pinned up in telephone boxes. However unless you know them personally, you need to choose your man in a van carefully.

Local Man in a Van

The man in a van is the perfect choice for a local delivery. As long as the items to be moved are not too large for the typical van such as a Ford Transit then this is probably the perfect choice. So what will you be looking for when you are choosing the perfect man with a van for your job?

Some tips for hiring a man with a van are as follows;

  • First decide what type of van is best for you. If you need a small item transported then obviously you will only need to use a smaller van. This will save you time and money. You may find that your item or items can be transported as part of another load if you do not need them transported urgently. If speed is of the essence, then you would expect to pay a little more for example for next day delivery. Many people use a man with a van when they are moving house and if you have bulky items such as furniture a Luton style van will be the perfect option. The man with a van can also help you move and can pack your furniture or other items for you. He will have experience and so will know the best way to secure your items.
  • Then you need to know about reliability. How do you know what if your man with a van is reliable? One of the most efficient ways to get information is through the internet. Most of them have reviews online so read them and find out about other people’s experiences. Be aware that if anybody has had a bad experience they will be very keen to warn others about that particular company. If they have had a particularly good experience or if the driver went out of his way to be helpful then this also is usually part of a review. This is a highly competitive market and you want to be sure you choose the best. There are websites available where you can compare reviews quite easily and choose the one which is best for you.
  • Price and availability are also important when choosing your company. A man with a van who has a good reputation will not be short of work so check out if he is available to do the job in the time span you need it done in. After this, you should choose the cheapest. Price should not be your only criteria in choosing a man with a van, but all else being equal, it makes sense to compare and choose the cheapest option often your man in a van is a reliable option for a cheap courier.
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