Wellington Newsagent Takes On Royal Mail

Local shop owners Lorraine Lettley, and daughter Trish, have set up their own postal service after customers complained about the rising cost of sending mail. The service is half the price of a first class stamp, guarantees next day delivery by hand and the team is now posting 250 items a day since launching the venture two weeks ago.

Shoppers drop off post at the shop, where staff guarantee next day delivery within two-and-a-half miles for just 30p. For an extra 10p they will collect letters from customers’ homes which is 20p cheaper than a first class stamp.

Lorraine said: “Trish thought up the idea because we thought we do deliveries from the shop already, why not offer even more of a service to our customers” “We had heard people mentioning about the cost of the Royal Mail and we felt it was something that we could possibly help out with.”

Trish drives to villages where she parks up to hand-deliver post, while her dad Richard delivers to half the town on his bike, cycling for up to two hours away each day to ensure customers cards arrive on time, while Trish drives to villages where she parks up to hand-deliver post.

Lorraine, who worked in the shop for 18 years before she took it over seven years ago, said she plans to run the service all year round. She said “People are so enthusiastic and it is bringing people out of their shells a bit too as it has become a bit of a talking point” “The reaction has been nothing but positive and we are finding that people are really eager to be loyal to an independent business.”

Local Julie Watkin, used the service to deliver a dozen Christmas cards last week. She said: “It is really great. You know that it is going to get there – and you know who is going to deliver it – and you can’t beat the price” “It feels good to support the local community and be part of something too.”

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