Choosing Between the Different Types of Deliveries Available

When you need to have an item or a number of items transported, it can be difficult to know which service you require. Here is Delivery Quote Compare’s quick and easy guide to the options available.

Parcel Delivery Service

A parcel delivery service is the cheapest delivery option. It is often cheaper than Royal Mail, which usually makes it the most cost-effective service for eBay sellers. Your parcel will be collected from the location you specify, transported to the parcel delivery company’s central sorting hub, loaded into another vehicle and taken to your specified destination. If you choose this delivery method, make sure you wrap the parcel well. It will be handled by a number of different people during the sorting and delivery process.

Courier Service

While Royal Mail is often the cheapest way of sending cards, letters and small packets, sending anything heavier is expensive, so in general terms a courier delivery service is cheaper when it comes to cost. Couriers offer a fast delivery service with same-day collection if you book early enough. If you have bought a large item on eBay and the seller is charging an excessive delivery rate, ask them if you can arrange your own postage. That way, you can have a courier pick up the item and deliver it to you. If you use a courier rather than a standard parcel delivery service, fewer people are involved in the sorting and delivery process.

Man and Van

If you want a van plus a person to load it, drive it and unload it, you need a man and van service. They are used to move furniture, office equipment and other bulky items. Before you get quotes for this service, you need to decide exactly what assistance you require. Perhaps you need help with disassembling furniture or unpacking at the destination. The cost will depend on how much help you need. Man and van services are used to handling bulky, breakable good every day, so they are experts at moving items with care. A man and van service makes a move far less stressful.

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