Royal Mail launch proposal to revise small parcel size

small parcel

Royal Mail have recently launched a consultation process, the purpose of which is to amend the Inland Letter Post Scheme in relation to universal parcels. More specifically – it plans to revise the exception to the Small Parcel format which was introduced in April 2013.

The new exception hopes to extend the dimensions of what qualifies as a small parcel to those which do not exceed 350mm x 250mm x 160mm, around the size of a small shoebox. Parcels up to the existing smaller but differently proportioned measurements of 450mm x 350mm x 80mm would still qualify as small parcels, and those customers who bought the cube exemption size packaging will still be able to post them as a small parcel.

Small parcels should be those that can be carried with relative ease by posties on foot and do not exceed 2kg.

If the proposal were to go through, it would mean around 80% of all parcels delivered by Royal Mail would fall under the category of small parcels.

This consultation process follows the changes the Royal Mail made to its parcel portfolio in April, which added the option of sending mid size parcels through second class delivery and add the option of a signature on delivery.

Royal Mail believes the change would be beneficial change for customers, as it would enable more items to be priced as a Small Parcel. Managing Director of Royal Mail Parcels, Nick Landon, said, “The postal market is changing with the UK parcels market continuing to grow as consumers increasingly shop and sell online. Royal Mail is responding to these trends by updating its parcel services. We will consider further updates if customer feedback in the future indicates we should.”.

The process will conclude on October 16th 2013, and if the proposal is agreed to, it should be implemented in time for the ever-busy Christmas period.

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