Funny Road Signs

We have for you a selection of some of the funniest road signs from around the world. In this collection there is everything from the ironic to just outrageous. Our favourite has to be the sign from India on the treacherous Himalayan road.


With UK councils apparently incapable of repairing our pothole covered streets, how about some helpful signs to warn us of the craters that lie ahead?


Phone use is banned at the wheel and rightly so, but pedestrians wandering about with their heads buried in their mobiles can be almost as dangerous. This sign would warn drivers to stay on their toes.




Cyclists come in for a bit of stick from this sign, but at least riding a bike should help tone-up those physiques whilst wearing that lycra.


No country has a monopoly on funny road signs but if you had to put your finger on one place where they’ve got more than their fair share, it would have to be the mountainous areas of northern India. On the region’s treacherous Himalayan roads they’ve turned the hilarious road sign into an art form.



This sign near Glastonbury, Somerset, should have heeded its own warning.



There are tight squeezes and then there’s this which is physically impossible. Although we can think of a few cars you could possibly attempt it in, you’d have to pray you didn’t meet anything coming the other way.



Whoever planned this series of signs clearly has a sense of humour. The road surface may be uneven, but so are camels. We ask why aren’t there more UK road signs layouts like this?

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