Road haulage does its bit for the environment

ROAD haulage companies are said to be doing their bit for the environment as more operators are investing in walking floor trailers to transport recyclable materials.

The trailers, which are fairly new to the UK, are attracting more attention from haulage firms as the demand for transport of recyclable materials increases due to taxation on landfill.

Replacing the traditional tipper trailer in its ability to carry a large volume of materials efficiently, the walking floor trailer is essential for transporting recyclable materials, which can be expensive to move in small quantities.

Managing Director of UK firm Newton Trailers, Andrew, said: “Though they’ve been around in Europe for some time, walking floor trailers remain fairly new to the UK.

“They are an efficient way to carry recyclable goods as they can carry a greater amount of material safely and as much as 30% more than your average tipper trailer.

“We have certainly seen more and more interest in walking floor trailers, with a slow growth in sales despite an economic downturn.”

Daniel Parry, Managing Director of, a referral site for transport operators, said he was pleased to see the transport sector doing its bit to implement green initiatives.

“An increase in the use of walking floor trailers in the UK demonstrates how the transport sector, particularly road haulage companies, can help implement green initiatives.

“In assisting companies to recycle, the industry is playing a massive part in creating a more eco-friendly society.

“As a referral site, our company, itself operates within a green framework by offering opportunities for transport operators to schedule deliveries in with existing jobs. In turn, this allows transport companies to run at full capacity.

“We hope to see more of this kind of activity within the transport sector in the future.”

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