The Cheapest Way of Sending a Mother’s Day Gift

Just a friendly reminder; it’s Mother’s Day here in the UK on March 18th, which means you have just four weeks to buy a present and get it to your Mum whilst surprising her with your organisational skills. Don’t worry though, we don’t expect you to tell her it was because we reminded you.

If you’re going for more than the token card this year, then not only are you going to make your Mother’s day (literally), but you’re probably going to be looking for ways to send your present in a budget friendly and timely manner.

One of the best approaches is to use a cheap parcel delivery service. Quick, efficient and time saving, you don’t even have to brave the post office as they’ll collect from any address you specify. The dimensions you give need to meet specific requirements and your present must be well wrapped and protected as it will be handled by several people, but this is a cheap and easy way to get your gift to its destination. Think of them like a courier service, but without the associated price tag. Perfect for your budget, and your Mum; expect her to receive her perfectly picked present within 2-5 days if you opt for an economy service. Just make sure your gift is clearly labelled or it might end up on the ‘decipher later’ pile.

Speaking of couriers, for larger, heavier or more delicate items (or for those who left it right up until the last minute) a courier service might be your best option. The cheapest courier service alternative is to overnight your parcel, reducing the cost but increasing the delivery time.

However you decide to send your Mum her gift, let us help you find the cheapest and safest way, whether she lives across town or across the sea, so your Mum has a happy Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day Gift

Image © 25 Karats

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