Driver habits changing due to soaring fuel costs

Couriers and hauliers are seeing less traffic on the roads as the increasing cost of petrol is forcing people to cut down on their car journeys.

Figures from the AA show that petrol sales in the first six months of 2011 were 1.7bn litres less than in the same period three years ago. They believe the drop in sales is a direct result of record prices at the pumps.

One thing we have noticed here at DQC is an increase in car drivers ‘hypermiling’ by driving closely behind lorries, in an attempt to save fuel. This is obviously a very dangerous practice, but it seems to be becoming more popular.

We want to know how this is affecting the people whose businesses rely on the roads. Are couriers, haulage companies and pallet delivery companies noticing less traffic on the road? Perhaps you have seen an increase in cars driving closely behind you?

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