Top Tips For Launching A Courier Service

Starting your own courier service needn’t be a frustrating exercise. Most people who start their own courier service already have some experience of the industry, but whether you’re starting from scratch or an old veteran, we’ve put together some top tips to help guide you.

Do Your Research
Businesses will always need couriers and thanks to the boom of internet shopping, home delivery services are thriving. Decide on how best to focus your energy and, by extension, your company. Business to business will require daytime deliveries, but home delivery may involve evening deliveries for people who work during the day.

Brand Yourself
Pick a name that’s relevant to you and your business. You want something that’s going to instantly identify what you do, be memorable and professional.

Be Professional
Speaking of professional, ensure your business contact details such as emails and web addresses contain your business name and are suitable for business use. Please, no [email protected].

Plan the Logistics
Decide on your method of transport. Motorcycle couriers are quicker, more mobile in cities but restricted in the size and amount of parcels they can carry, and require a special license to drive. Vans are easily leased if you don’t own or can’t afford to buy and will greatly extend the amount of business you can take on.

Take Pride
Remember, your transport will be the face of your business. Keep it clean, both inside and out, and put the name of your company on the side, as well as information on the type of services your courier business provides and your contact details. Look to put aside a portion of your earnings to cover any mechanical maintenance that might be required and invest in roadside assist services. Delivering your packages should be your first priority, so look in to public liability insurance to protect you from unforeseen circumstances affecting your deliveries and courier specific van insurance to help protect your vehicle and your business.

Plan Your Routes
Put together routes that allow realistic travel times, offer you breaks, and give you packages to collect on your return (return loads). Try to fully utilise every journey you make by collecting and delivering along the entire route.

Finding the work can be the hardest part of starting your own courier service, but don’t worry too much – here at Delivery Quote Compare you can log in and find jobs at the click of a button. It’s free to join and there are no monthly fees. Just log in, find some jobs and start bidding on them to win work. The perfect way to start your courier business as you don’t have to think about marketing or drumming up work from nowhere.

Sign up as a Transport Provider today and start on the road to success!

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