How much does it cost to send a parcel overseas?

Sending a parcel overseas isn’t as expensive as you might think, although the actual fee does depend on a variety of things, such as weight and size of the parcel you need to send. Parcel companies will require that you properly protect and package the contents of your parcel to withstand the rigours of international travel, which can affect the size and weight, so when looking to send a parcel abroad make sure you have your item packaged before requesting a quote. Don’t seal your parcel before collection; your parcel may be required to perform a visual inspection of the contents.

Depending on the parcel service you chose, there may be a choice of services available for international delivery. Parcel size and weight will have an effect on which ones are available to you, as will destination. Believe it or not, global next working day delivery is possible to places in the US, Canada or Europe, with delivery within two working days for the rest of the world. As you can imagine, this type of service will also be the most costly and prices will vary between parcel companies and will likely also depend on your parcel size and weight.

A slightly slower, and cheaper, service takes around three working days to deliver your parcel, and usually offers tracking and confirmation of delivery, just like its faster counterpart. Again, prices will vary depending on your parcel choice and parcel size.

The cheapest method of sending a parcel abroad would be the economy services available from most parcel companies, perfect for non-urgent items, or those with a limited budget. Delivery can take up to a month, and may not provide confirmation of delivery, but is the cheapest way to send something internationally.

Most prices quoted by parcel companies won’t include VAT or any customs charges that may be levied. It’s also worth noting that where possible, the time your parcel spends in customs has been built in to the quoted delivery times, but that additional time may be required if you’re shipping to a remote location or sending specific items that may cause the destination country to inspect your package in more detail.

As with normal parcel services, international delivery costs should include basic insurance, but always double check before signing on the dotted line, particularly if you’re sending something valuable that may be worth more than the basic insurance cover. Each of the services may also have an upper weight or size limit that will determine which services you are able to utilise, as may your need for tracking and delivery confirmation. Depending on the service, destination, and size of your parcel, prices can range from as little as under £10 plus VAT up to around £50 plus VAT or more.

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