Student Life, moving between halls to home

You’re at University, student life is awesome. You’re doing well at your studies (Hopefully) and everything is set up how you like it. But you need to get something bulky from home. Or maybe you’re at the end of the year and you’re moving out of halls and into a student apartment. Either way, . There are many ways to do this but here are a few tips to make things easier on you.Students moving

Keeping inventory

When you brought your stuff to Uni in the first place, a list of what you were bringing was a good idea. The same applies here.

You have to plan what’s going where of course. Moving is the perfect time to shuffle things around. Different clothes, books or gadgets to change things up. Make sure to plan ahead what you’re going to pack. Your new place may ban certain appliances you own so you’d have to send it home. While it may seem boring having a checklist of what’s at your student accommodation and what’s at home is a good way to keep track.

Making a listIf you don’t want to do this then make sure you write down what is in each box you pack. You own a lot of stuff which will take a lot of boxes. If you want to get a particular thing out knowing which box it’s in will be an unpacking lifesaver.

Getting transport for your Student stuff

Having planned out what you’re going to take list out the number of boxes and their start and end points into DQC. We’ll give you the best quotes on who will take your stuff to where it needs to be in one journey. DQC can also save up to 75% against going to the transporter directly. For Students keeping an eye on their bank accounts, that’s a great deal. Find out more at

An average pile of boxes for a student

The next important thing is timing. You have a surprisingly small window in which to move your stuff out of the old place and into the new place sometimes. Knowing when to get a move on beforehand is a good idea. You also have to time well with the destination. You of course have to be there when your transporter arrives. So too does someone have to be at the destination to let you in. Unless you have a key your Mum isn’t going to be happy when you randomly show up with an army of boxes at the doorstep. The landlord too won’t be happy only being told the day before that they have to be at the accommodation to let you in. To keep everyone happy, make sure they know beforehand.


Student storage

Try as you might, life can still get in the way. You try to plan ahead but no time is convenient to move everything at once. But you still need to move everything out of your old accommodation. If you find yourself in a situation like this, self-storage will be your solution.

There are many places around the UK that offer spacious and secure storage for your goods around the country. Here’s a quick selection of the companies offering the service:

Self storage corridor


Prices can range from around £7 a week to just over £300. This depends on the size of space and the companies you choose so do look at your options near you. The student budget will also apply as it always does. This of course will mean you may need to take more than one trip shipping things around, but it will free up the time to move your stuff around.


With this you should be able to change up your Uni life without too much hassle. Giving you more time to put into your studies for next semester. Or more freedom to party with friends without worrying about how you’re going to get everything done. Getting it done earlier will give you a more stress free time during your student life.


For quotes direct from transporters who can collect and deliver your student stuff visit Delivery Quote Compare for genuine quotes from rated providers.

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