Top 3 storage hacks for your home

Seeking storage solutions for your home seems like an eternal quest. No sooner have you successfully declutter one part of it than another area needs your attention.

Different rooms may throw up different stuff, but some methods are good for all areas.

Try out these top 3 storage hacks for your home.

Box it up 

Whether it’s clothes, books or other items that get shoved, stuffed and thrown loosely into cupboards, drawers for wardrobes, you can always utilise your space better with boxes.

You can find storage boxes of all shapes, sizes and designs in homeware stores or online. Consider smaller wicker or straw baskets for small items that can be popped onto wardrobe shelves. 

More decorative boxes can be used in a living room or kitchen sideboard; tick the two practical and pretty boxes. 

A great box hack involves shoes and helps you tidy up your bedroom, and have the added benefit of making them more accessible. Storing your shoes in clear plastic boxes allows you to stack them easily in your wardrobe while at the same time, you don’t have to go opening every box to see what’s inside.

Hang in there

For everything from car keys right up to saucepans, hooks can be your friend when looking for quick and easy storage solutions. A wall-mounted cabinet with hooks along the bottom is perfect for keys and other little items which haven’t found a home yet.

You can hang a shoe organiser in your bedrooms and fix hooks to the back of the door for space for dressing gowns or belts.

In the kitchen, a sturdy rail can be the perfect hang hooks on which can serve as a home for pots and pans, decluttering the kitchen and putting them within easy reach.

Hanging is also a handy hack for outdoor storage. You can get large hooks from a hardware store, which can be fixed to outside walls. These are great for hanging things like a garden hose and can also be used inside your garage or shed for hanging lawnmowers and other garden equipment.

Going underground

Ok, so we’re suggesting you start digging holes in the ground here. However, you could open up a whole new storage world by looking under some pieces of furniture. Depending on the design of your bed, you may find some space there. That’s not an invitation to shove everything that’s cluttering your room under your bed in an ‘out of sight, out mind’ style. 

Find some storage boxes, organise items such as seasonal clothing and coats and store them there. For kids rooms, under the bed storage is ideal for things like toys and board games.

You can also explore the area under your sofa to see if it can be utilised as a storage area. Naturally, you may want to pick something a bit more decorative than plastic storage boxes for your living room, but this might also be an area to stow away board games as well as a box and magazines.

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