Specialised Delivery Types

harazdous deliveriesEveryone knows that to get something delivered you use a courier service, but what do you do if the item you need delivering is on the dangerous goods list? Or has a short shelf life and needs to be handled correctly, with specialised transportation? While a normal courier can’t help you, specialised delivery services are available for items that require a little more logistical organisation.

For example, sending hazardous chemicals through the normal delivery service systems is prohibited, but should you have a genuine business need to transport there are specialist companies who can help. Government legislation is strict on what can be moved, where and how, and many delivery services may work with a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor who will have specialist knowledge of the regulations laid out by the UK and EU for safe transportation of dangerous goods. Failure to use a properly experienced company could result in seizure of your goods and a fine or, worse, injuries due to negligence.

Perhaps your delivery needs involve items that have to remain below a certain temperature. Refrigerated transport services are readily available, mostly geared towards food delivery, but should you have clinical or healthcare products that are require temperature controlled environments at all times, there are specialist courier companies available to help. Taking the time to ensure that the service and company you have chosen will correctly store and transport your shipment is vitally important for the success of your delivery. Be clear on whether the company is experienced with food or pharmaceutical delivery and choose accordingly, don’t assume that chilled is chilled and specialism means nothing!

Liquids are hit and miss among couriers, some will transport and some won’t. Sending liquid, alcohol or otherwise, via courier is really dependent on the courier service and their experience. If you want to transport liquids be very clear about what you want to transport, and what – if any – special requirements your liquids have to safely get from A to B, chat with the service providers you’ve chosen to check they can safely and successfully complete delivery before signing or paying.

Transportation of specialist items can take place via a number of different services, and aren’t necessarily restricted to road, rail, sea or air. To help you find the best service provider, Delivery Quote Compare can offer free quotes for your business, all competitively priced.

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