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international parcel deliverySending parcels across the world isn’t difficult, but there are a number of considerations to take into account before you go packaging up any old thing you want to send. International countries are rather stringent about the items they let cross their borders, as well they should be, and how that affects you as a parcel sender can be varied.

Every country has a list of items, products or food stuffs that are prohibited from entering their territory. It’s well worth checking with the international parcel delivery service before you book that the item or items you intend to send will actually make it past customs. Alternatively, each country tends to offer the list on their customs and excise webpage, and each country’s list differs. If you’re intending to send food, liquids, or plant materials your parcel may not reach its destination depending on the country.

Once you’re sure what you want to send won’t get stopped at the border you’re free to box it up. As with any parcel, start by making sure what you’re sending is safely wrapped and protected, and place it in an undamaged box. Any damage to the contents caused by insufficient internal packaging is generally considered to be the fault of the sender and no compensation will be available as a result. Don’t seal the box, international parcels often require the collection driver to visually check that the contents aren’t illegal, prohibited or dangerous before they’ll sign for it.

Make sure you’ve completed all the international parcel delivery paperwork correctly and entirely, mistakes or exclusions on your part could delay your delivery and end up costing you extra. The paperwork acts as your parcel’s passport, so it must be accurate. Customs delays can significantly hold up your parcel, and in some cases your parcel could be returned to sender at your cost, all because a single box wasn’t ticked. Check, and then check again to be sure.

Of course, before you send the parcel you need to pick a delivery service. Time and budget are the two equations that will determine the cost, although the service provider will also offer some variance. Finding a reliable parcel delivery service that will deliver worldwide, and at a cost you’re comfortable with, is incredibly easy with Delivery Quote Compare. Let our registered international parcel delivery services send you free quotes, and then browse their customer ratings to help you decide on not just the cheapest, but also the best service to send your parcel.

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