How do couriers transport classic cars?

British classic car

Moving classic cars across the country is a specialised business, and that’s why it’s always important to enlist the services of a courier who has experienced this field. Classic car transportation can be required in several different scenarios.

Whether it’s for selling or show, you’ll want your classic car to look its best. Driving it along mucky roads in the rain certainly won’t do that. You’ll need a classic car courier to get it from A to be B and have it looking immaculate.

Personal use or car show

You could be simply moving your vehicle from one location to another for personal use, or you may want it transported for a vintage car show.

Buying and selling

Many classic car dealers will enlist a courier’s services if they have sold a vehicle that needs to be delivered to a customer’s house. This is also true for private sellers who sell classic cars online and need to ship them. You may also be selling a classic car at an auction, in which case it vital that it arrives in perfect condition.


A classic car will require specially dedicated maintenance, which may not be easy to find in your local area. That’s where a courier can be useful. You may be reluctant to drive it over long distances, so have a specialised classic car courier can help out in these situations.

Options for transporting classic cars

Transporting classic cars is slightly different from moving regular cars. Owners of vintage vehicles take great pride in keeping them in pristine condition and will expect couriers to take great care when transporting.

If you need a classic car transported, it’s a good idea to get quotes from courier companies with a good track record in classic car transportation.

You will need to provide them with details such as the vehicle’s make and model and where you want it transported to and from. Some companies may charge a flat fee for certain areas or may charge you by the mile.

For transporting the vehicle itself, you will need to find out if the courier uses a covered car trailer. This is essential for transporting classic cars.

A car strapped to an open trailer is exposed to the elements. Not only can this damage the paintwork, but it can also mean that bits of dirt and dust can get lodged into all sorts of parts of your car. Even throwing a cover over the car won’t guarantee 100% protection while in transit.

Classic cars need to be transported in covered car trailers to ensure they arrive in the same condition they were sent off in. An enclosed trailer will protect it against bad weather and dirt and debris which can fly up off the road.

Shipping classic cars abroad

Some classic car couriers may be able to arrange to ship to or from other countries. Options included having it shipped by air or in enclosed shipping containers by boat. 

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