Furniture Transport – Make it Easy Take it Apart

Furniture transport can be difficult. Unwieldy items requiring a team of movers to navigate around tight stair cases up three stories. With this in mind it makes sense to dismantle furniture if possible, this helps:

  • Making the size more manageable – small parts round those stair cases
  • Reducing the cost of transportation – It may fit in a smaller vehicle or require only one or two people to move items
  • Making it easier to protect your furniture and reduce the chance of damage – it’s easier to pack and wrap in small pieces.

Where to start

Long gone are the days of flat pack furniture having the reputation of being cheap and flimsy. Most flat pack / self-assembly items are created that way to enable customers to transport their furniture home from the store or to provide easier delivery options. As it was delivered to you like this taking it apart for removal or transport helps do the same thing. Here’s a few easy tips to make it simple and stress free:

Find the instructions

Instruction manual

I know I have a draw somewhere in my house full of old instructions and left over (hopefully not needed) screws and bolts. The chances are slim however I’d have the right one.

Many good furniture providers keep PDF copies on their websites, IKEA have a very helpful page designed exactly for this:

IKEA Manuals

If the retailer doesn’t then contact them, it just may be a case it isn’t on their website.

Follow the instructions – sdrawkcaB (Backwards)

Its important to reverse the steps from construction, the route to building the item was to ensure you don’t break it halfway through. Most self-built furniture is designed to be ridged and sturdy when all bolts and screws are fastened. During the construction or de-construction certain parts may be put under stress and break if not done correctly.

One of the most important things to follow are the recommendations, if it says it’s a two-person job, get another person to help!

Take note

It’s easy enough to think you’ll remember how you did it when taking something part, but believe me, it’s easy to think and hard to do.

Take photos, both of the furniture in one piece and of all the bolts and screws before and after removal. Also, mark adjoining holes (where possible on the back or bases of items) with a felt tip or marker so you’ll know which bit went where.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Taking apart internal draws or trays is really kind of pointless, they are normally small enough to handle individually. They’re also often the most intricate bits to undo and do up again.

Pack up the bits

Put all the screws, bolts, plastic caps and other bits in a sturdy bag or small box, also make sure its labelled what they are for.

It’s not advisable in most cases to leave the bolts or screws in place, this often leaves them sticking out and could damage the furniture during transport or hurt ankles whilst lifting.

Extra tip – if you break any bits during dismantling (many smaller plastic parts are not really designed to be used again and again) IKEA have a parts replacement service here: 

IKEA Missing bits

 Wrap it up


You’ll remember how much cardboard you had to take to the tip when you first bought the furniture, it often seems bigger than the finished product when you’re done. But all this cardboard was to protect your stuff.

  • Try to wrap as much as it was in the first place:
  • Put sheets of cardboard between panels
  • Wrap packing tape and cardboard around corners
  • Clearly label any glass or delicate parts

If it’s part of a house move then wrap bedding around them too, this helps protect the items and move your bedding.

Furniture transport – Get costs on shipping

So unbolted and packed. Now get quotes for furniture transport, you’ve just made the job easier and cheaper.

man and van

Go to Delivery Quote Compares home page, (just click at the top of the page) follow the easy links to furniture transport and then enter the (smaller) size of the furniture and request free quotes. After entering these details in less than a minute, sit back and wait for transport providers to send quotes to your inbox to select from (we don’t share your details with anyone else)

Next select the right quote for you and arrange for the transport provider to collect and deliver your well packed and secure goods

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