Removals – And cost of moving house & save money?

A new survey of removals companies gives an insight into moving house and the costs of removals.

A quick search on Google for ‘Removals’ and the results come back with hundreds of people asking ‘How much will my removal cost?’ and invariably the answer is the same – it depends.

Leading online transport marketplace Delivery Quote surveyed 185 of the removal companies registered on their website and found the three key factors that will affect the price are:

1.    Distance – the rising cost of fuel means removers will carefully calculate the distance their van will be travelling, especially when a typical removals lorry does 10 miles to the gallon. And don’t forget, not only is the petrol price counted, but also hidden costs such as wear and tear on the vehicle and fixed expenses including insurance will all be taken into account.

2.    Time – removers will work out how much time it’ll take them to load everything from your house, drive to the new address and unload at the other end. Often this can take two working days, one for loading and one for unloading.

3.    Volume – it may sound obvious, but the amount of household items you’re planning to move will influence the expenditure on removals. This means lots of furniture or bulky items will take up more space than lots of cartons and boxes. It is not purely on weight.

When asked what helpful hints and tips removals firms would give to people moving, the most popular response was to make sure you are accurate with your estimations on how many household items you want to move. This way, the quotes from the removals companies will be as precise as possible and you won’t end up with a removals van that’s too large or too small for the job.

In response to their top tip for saving money on removals, the overwhelming consensus was to move house on a weekday, rather than a weekend when everyone wants to book removals.

Daniel Parry, CEO of the website commented : “This survey will help our clients who are in the first stages of organising their house removal to understand how much their removal is going to cost and why, as well as offering a couple of tips to get a cheap removals quote without compromising on service.”

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