Five tips to save money on courier services

Using a courier is often unavoidable and with eBay getting even more popular, they’re in demand. But, like most industries, the recession hit courier service badly and the increasing cost of fuel and insurance isn’t helping.

If you know where to look it is possible to courier things cheaply. Take a look at our top five tips to get you started:

1.       Know what you’re sending

It sounds simple, but if you can provide the exact details, including weight and dimensions the quote you’ll get will be much more accurate, lessening the chances of being overcharged.

2.       Be flexible

It’s not always possible, but if you can be as flexible as possible it can reduce the cost. It is more efficient for couriers to carry out multiple deliveries in one area and, if you are willing to wait, the saving will be passed on – especially if it’s a parcel courier you need.

3.       Ask for recommendations

If you know someone who has used a delivery service before ask them if they know any recommended couriers local to you, if they use them often you may be able to negotiate on price. It will also help you avoid the not-so-great couriers!

4.       Find a courier you like

If you are going to use a courier often then it’s worthwhile finding one you like and making a friend of them. With small companies or ‘man and vans’ if you can put regular work their way they will be appreciative, be the one who recommends them to a friend and you might even get an egg at Easter!

5.       Shop around

By using a transport comparison site like you can make sure you get the cheapest price possible, even for international couriers. It’s simple, you upload the details of your item and available couriers will bid, giving you numerous options.  Not only that but you can read previous customers feedback.

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