Tips to take the stress out of International removals

When you’re moving abroad you’ll need to find an international removal company to take your belongings to your new home and make it as stress free as possible.

Every year thousands of Britons take the plunge to move abroad and when they do, there is plenty to organise. One thing that must be done in advance is organising the international removals company to transport your worldly goods to your new home overseas. This is where the two Ps (planning and preparation) become paramount.

Whether it’s a six month work move to Dubai, retiring to the sunny climes of Spain or making a go of a new life with the family in France, getting international removal companies involved is the most reliable, practical and cost effective way of getting your belongings moved abroad.

Before you start packing, take a few days to really work out what you want and need to take with you, as transporting goods internationally is a costly exercise. Is it really worth loading up all those old videos? Do you actually need all those knickknacks cluttering up your new place? There’s nothing like a quote from an overseas removal company to make you do a bit of ‘life laundry’ and have a massive clear out…

It’s also worth thinking carefully about electrical items. For example, there is no point getting the international removers to take your TV to France because they don’t have the same broadcast system, so it won’t work. Taking a UK washing machine to Canada would mean a transformer and plug adaptor will have to be fitted for it to function properly. And think about your DVDs; in Australia it’s region 4, whilst back in Britain it’s region 2.

Once you have a better idea of what you’ll be taking, you’ll need to get quotes. Only go for international removals specialists, as they will be more reliable and organised to get the job done. If you don’t have companies recommended to you by friends or families who have used overseas removers in the past, the best way forward is to use a price comparison website.

With internet sites such as, you only need to enter the removal details once and then international removals operators will quote for you, so they do all the work. This way you can get multiple quotes from a range of removers all specialising in international jobs.

Before you choose a company, you can browse the profile of each one and read up on customer reviews and ratings. Look carefully at what level of service each company is offering (Is there a guaranteed arrival time? Do they provide packing services? Is insurance included? etc). Once you’ve picked the quote that best suits you, your international removal project can get well and truly underway and you can look forward to your new life overseas.

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