Revolutionising the furniture removals business

A change in the type of vehicles used for domestic furniture removals and storage has changed moving day forever.

Traditionally, a furniture removal company would use a large box van with a drop down door or a tail lift for loading and unloading furniture and household effects. Now, furniture removal specialists are moving towards using lorries and containers to facilitate their furniture removals assignments.

The benefits of this alternative method of moving furniture and goods are clear. With streets clogged full of parked cars and traffic, rolling up in a 20 tonne box lorry causes traffic chaos and the lorry often can’t get very close to the property.

The preferred method now is to use container-based trucks. This way, the lorry drops off the box right next to the door of the house, much like a lorry with a skip. The cab then drives away leaving staff to load the furniture.  The advantage for homeowners is that there is less handling of their household effects, so far less chance of damage or breakage. Also, the loading process will be far quicker, as the goods don’t have to be carried so far.

All this means the furniture and house contents can be moved more quickly and efficiently, so the quotes for household and furniture removals jobs should be very competitive. The removal company also gains, because the lorry can work on several commissions at once.

When all the furniture and household items are loaded, the lorry will come back to lift and put the container-load onto the trailer. These lorries are capable of carrying 2000 cubic feet, enough for the contents of two average-sized houses.

The advantages of this increasingly popular way of moving are twofold for the residential customer, as Daniel Parry, CEO of a transport marketplace website Delivery Quote Compare explains: “A furniture delivery company replacing a Luton-style box van with a lorry and container trailer can double-up on workload by being able to move two houses worth of furniture at once. One lorry carrying two house moves means the company can offer a super competitive price and if it’s combined with a finding a load for the return journey, the savings can be even greater.”

This in essence, is how furniture removal quote websites like Delivery Quote Compare work. Companies are matched with removals jobs and if there is already a lorry going there, the removers can complete a load or return to base with goods to maximise the removal lorry capacity and this in turn means lower prices for the client.

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