Planning to study abroad

The tuition fee shake up has meant that for many students studying abroad is now a cheaper, and more attractive, option than attending a university in the UK. With many institutions in the country planning to charge up to £9000 per year, the opportunities for students to not only gain a degree at a more reasonable cost, but to explore other countries are appealing. Leaving home for the first time is traumatic enough, but worrying about how you’ll get your worldly possessions to your chosen destination needn’t be an issue. Using a transport comparison website like can save all the hassle of finding international couriers or an international removals company. The process is simple and it can all be done online. Simply enter the details of what you need moving, sit back and wait for the quotes to come in. It works like a reverse eBay, but you can pick whichever quote suits you the best. You may even find a company that will pack it all up for you too!

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