Packing a pallet for delivery

When it comes to cost effective transportation pallet delivery is generally considered to be the cheapest and most secure method of transporting goods, it is important to pay particular attention to the way in which you pack your pallet to avoid any potential damage during transit.

Here are some top tips from to help make sure you get it right:

Individually pack the items to be palletised:

Make sure everything which will be loaded onto the pallet is sensibly packed, even if there’s only one item. If it’s an awkward size or shape, pop it in a box with plenty of padding – if items on the pallet aren’t square it will be impossible to stack.

Put the larger, heavier items at the bottom:

It sounds straightforward but it’s easy to just load a pallet with items as they come to you. If it’s a mixed consignment wait until all the items are ready to be palletised and carefully plan how they will be stacked. Making sure the weightiest and biggest are at the bottom will guarantee the pallet is sturdy.

Wrap the pallet well:

There is an art to shrink/stretch wrapping your pallet. (And with all the roundabouts on UK roads it’s an important part of the process!) Make sure you wrap the pallet numerous times in different directions. For a comprehensive how-to check out this article on How to Shrink Wrap a Pallet.

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If you are concerned that you’re items won’t be wrapped properly or you simply don’t have time to do it, your pallet delivery company should be able to do it for you for an additional charge.

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