Parcel Collections – Top Tips

parcel collectionsSo you’ve scored yourself some great low price quotes from couriers using Delivery Quote Compare. Done all your research and picked your winning company. Now all you have to do is wait for your parcel to be collected, right? Wrong. Getting your item collected quickly and with a minimum of fuss means ensuring you’ve passed on the correct information and have thought through all the logistics.

Arranging a parcel collection with your parcel delivery service requires that someone actually be with your parcel when it’s collected. The driver will need a signature as proof of collection, if your parcel goes missing during transit you will be left with no way to claim compensation as you have no proof the item was ever picked up. If you can’t personally wait for the driver to collect, try to arrange for someone else to do it for you.

Most collections take place during ‘normal’ hours, usually 8am to around 8pm. Should you need a last minute collection urgently, perhaps because of unconventional business hours, some companies do offer the option to book collections during unsociable hours, however you will be expected to pay a premium for the service.

Always pass on a contact number for the person waiting with the item, the parcel delivery company will want to get in touch if they experience any difficulties getting to the pickup destination. If that person isn’t you it’s no good if your number is listed as the parcel delivery companies contact number, unless you want to act like a relay to the person who is actually waiting.

Be sure your parcel is properly packaged for delivery. If in any doubt, check with the parcel delivery company in advance and make sure it meets their requirements. External packaging needs to be sufficient to protect the contents from bumps and knocks, interior packaging must be good enough to protect from breakages. Any damage caused by lack of interior packaging is the fault of the customer and no compensation can be claimed.

If you’re planning to send your parcel internationally check with your parcel delivery company before sealing the box, some destinations and companies require a visual check of the contents by the collection driver before they will sign for the item. If your parcel is sealed they may request you re-open it or, worse, refuse to collect.

To arrange collection simply log on to Delivery Quote Compare and get yourself free quotes from registered parcel delivery companies, who will get in touch with great low cost quotes for you to choose from, all for free, helping you get the most out of your money.

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