Packing for a house move

Packing for a house move

I’ve recently moved to a new house and helped two pals move almost at the same time, its stressful, hard work and there’s always more than you expect. Here’s a few things about packing for a house move we learnt along the way:


Plan ahead and start early

We had about three months’ notice of our moving date but were still hopelessly unprepared when it cam to the day. Schedule a lot more time than you think, other things crop up to distract you and you will no doubt be doing multiple trips to the rubbish tip.

Schedule your moving date

Plan ahead

Book your transport early too. Even if its weeks in advance you can often save money by booking it sooner, list it free on to gauge prices.  Try to be accurate with the amount of items and then realistic on the service you need. For a full house move you will need a complete removal vehicle like a Pantechnicon (a new word I learnt in the process) and some burly loaders. Smaller moves could make do with a luton van or a large transit.

Listing the number of boxes and furniture items will allow the transporters to provide you with the right advice and most cost effective way of transporting.

Get some gear

Old crisp boxes and carrier bags are OK for the tip run but not great for safely moving your home. We partner with Removal Boxes UK  who provide discounted rates on packaging materials.

Get smaller and medium size boxes if possible, large ones are easy to overload and more difficult to move. Check with your transporters what equipment they will bring, if you need trolleys for heavy items make sure they have them.


I actually made a spreadsheet of what was in what box and numbered each of them clearly and with details of which room they were going in. You might not need to go this far but its easier if you know what’s were.

Start at the top

It’s easier to start at the top of the house and work down, I learnt this by clearing down stairs then filling it again with stuff from upstairs.

Keep the kettle handyKettle

I thought I had this pinned down and had a box of essentials including vital life saving coffe for moving day, then sent the box with the van and didn’t see it for hours. Have your vitals box with you, it should include:

  • Drinks and kettle, don’t forget mugs to drink from
  • Cloths and towels
  • First aid kit
  • Simple tool kit, screwdrivers and hammer
  • Overnight clothing for all the family including wash kit. Sometimes things might get delayed so make sure you’re ready.

Check your insurance

Your house insurance may not cover your goods whilst being moved, all accredited transporters on Delivery Quote Compare have Goods in Transit insurance, this is often valued to between £10,000 and £50,000. Check with your transporter beforehand.

Jewelry and small electronic items such as phones or tablets are often excluded from GIOT insurance, keep these items with you. You should also keep important documents and certificates with you.

Finally, get help

Even with transporters doing the heavy lifting there’s lots of shifting , moving and cleaning to do. Enrol family and friends to help, so long as they are fed and watered it’ll make life easier.


Last comment, if you have 17 tonnes of pot plants in the garden, leave them in Buxton, you know who you are……………..

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