Grow your own – Get a greenhouse

Despite the recent cold snaps and Siberian weather making us all feel cold spring, is nearly here and its time to start seeding for your grow your own crops.



Veg Planner

RHS Grow Your Own

The Royal Horticultural Society have a handy online calendar easily showing what to plant and when: RHS Calendar

Going into March you can start with your beans, peas, peppers and if you want to be more flamboyant try Globe Artichokes.




At Delivery Quote compare we have a competition between the team for growing all manner of veg sharing the spoils, last year was mainly cucumbers and tomatoes. The only issue we tend to share is where to plant things especially when you run out of windowsill space so we’re on the lookout for some kind of greenhouses.

As we’re in the business of reducing costs and generating keen quotes we trawled out favourite sites like gumtree and ebay to fin bargains on second hand green houses.


Grow your own

8′ x 6′ Greenhouse

Rob our ops manager like the look of this one, 8‘ x 6’ with all the glass in good condition, judging by the pictures the owner know a little about gardening so would hopefully have picked a good quality house.





Grow your own

Big Greenhouse

Mike our lead developer has his eye on a slightly large one, it’s a few cracked panes but looks the business.






Grow your own

Greenhouse bench

Personally I already have a small greenhouse that helped my peppers last year but I’d like some new benches, I’ve found these on gumtree and they look the right size for me.




One thing that could put people off bargains like these is they are all listed as collection only and depending on where they are could make it unlikely. All is not lost however.

Simply list items exactly like these through Delivery Quote Compare, so for my bench I’ve simply listed them in garden equipment, entered the approximate dimensions, entered my email and that’s it.

Easy listings

Following quotes I can message the transporters, check timescales and go back to the vendor to confirm these arrangements are suitable.

Regardless of what or how you’re planting your grow your own this year, Delivery Quote compare can help you save money on the bargain plant pots, greenhouses or other equipment you found  by getting it collected and delivered by trusted transporters with great quotes.


Well keep you up to date later in the year when we have some produce to show off………………..

Happy Growing


Steamboat Captain


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