Trusted Transporters

Delivery Quote Compare provide you with all the tools and information you need when choosing trusted transporters

Regardless of your transport needs, be it a car move or an item of furniture, you want it collected and delivered professionally, safely and on time by a Trusted Transporter.

Some websites offer a direct booking or booking calendar, these can offer you an immediate price but give you no indication of who will be transporting your items. No information on their accreditation or insurances are available and with no guarantee the job will be allocated. *

Delivery Quote Compare give consumers access to real transporters who are accredited and rated with feedback, all available for reference prior to accepting a booking.

Choosing a transporter

  1. List the details of you transport requirements through the Delivery Quote Compare home page, this take sonly minute or two. Size and weight need only be estimates and locations need to only be a postcode or town.
  2. Choose a delivery timescale:
    1. Economy 7-10 days, this is often the cheapest as transporters can fit this around other work and often on a return journey.
    2. Fixed date – Especially useful if a vendor has specific requirements or availability times
    3. Between dates – Again useful if specific time or date ranges are required.
    4. ASAP 1-3 days, If you need a job completing quickly, select ASAP, this may reduce the number of quotes and increase costs but will be completed quicker.
  3. When you’ve received your first quotes (this can be instant or over the course of several hours) you can look at the transporters details directly from the quote:
    1. Check feedback from completed jobs, this is real feedback from clients like you.
    2. Read their profile, they will include details on payment, insurances**, details of their vehicles and of their company.
    3. Read any messages they have sent with the quote often offering availability.


What if they have no feedback?
Everyone has to start somewhere,
many transporters who join our site have been in the business
for years but have joined to expand their customer base.
No feedback does not mean no good,
only that they haven’t had any feedback yet.
Ask further questions about them and their experience.



  1. Ask questions. Through Delivery Quote Compare you can ask questions directly to the transporters. You may want to know more details about packaging or if they have completed similar jobs before. You might also want to confirm they have availability around the times you’ve selected.
  2. Call Delivery Quote Compare, we’re here to help. If you’re unsure or would like first-hand advice you can reach us on 0808-169-2000, our lines are open 9-5 Monday to Friday and from 9-2 on Saturdays. We don’t have a out sourced call centre and our phones are manned by our operations team who deal with all aspects of Delivery Quote Compare.

Outside of these times you can send questions to [email protected] which are picked up periodically outside of office hours.

Next Steps

Parcel Companies

If you’re happy with the details the next step is to simply book through Delivery Quote Compare and arrange the finer details directly with the transporter. You should have confidence that the provider you’ve selected will carry out your transport needs in the manner you’d expect.

After your job has been completed you will receive an email from us asking for your feedback on the transporter. Please take the time to rate them, this gives more detail to their profile and provides extra advice to future customers.

You’ll also receive a final email from Delivery Quote Compare asking for feedback on us through Trustpilot, this is about us not the transporter but our service, its equally important for us to understand how our service is viewed and for new customers to view.

Feedback for Delivery Quote Compare and our transporters should be honest, if we done a great job, great let us and future customers know. If we’ve things we could improve, again let us know.




*Delivery Quote Compare offer a limited “book now” facility, these are for requirements that are generally easier to identify transporters and provided at a system generated cost based on other jobs of similar requirements. When a book now job is accepted it is allocated to a preferred supplier within 24 hours, preferred means that they are not only accredited but also have received over 95% positive feedback. In the unlikely event it’s not allocated the item is returned to the bidding list and your deposit automatically refunded.

**For transporters to become accredited on the Delivery Quote Compare website they must provide proof of identity or company structure combined with documentation confirming vehicle insurance and relevant insurances for the types of items they transport.

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